Cucumber Pickle


Cucumber Pickle 340g Crunchy, colourful and bursting with flavour, this will liven up any cold meat, cheese or a simple salad. Fresh or Smoked salmon with Cucumber Pickle is a mouth watering combination! Delicious as a burger topper.

At Pollocks Pickles we still use old family recipes handed down through the generations, and our own unique versions of those recipes are used to produce pickles and preserves that may not be found in your local supermarket.




All our pickles, chutneys and jam are handmade in small batches, to retain the full freshness and flavour, using standard kitchen equipment as you would use in your own home. All our ingredients are free from artificial colours, artificial flavourings and preservatives.


For our customers outside of the UK and Ireland, please contact us for an international shipping price prior to placing your order